Dienstag, 9. April 2013



UPDATE: "Hinter den sieben Burgen" - in der Zeitung
und Online: Interview, Rezension
und lobende Erwähnung beim ICOM Independent Comic Preis in Erlangen 2014

UPDATE No.2: Noch eine Rezension online und diese Notiz im Berliner Tagesspiegel:


  1. Hi :) I have just read the comic.
    It was really nice. You've done really great work!
    My grandparents used to live in the region, in Sibiu - miss them a lot.

    I wanted to ask: what village was Kreisstadt?
    Thanks for the info and if the comic can still be bought from somewhere let me know (I have borrowed one from the German Cultural Center in Timisoara).

  2. Hey. Just noticed your comment today.-
    My publisher redid her webshop, that´s why the links were´nt working any more. I just updated the links - the book is still availible.

    The town I refer to as "Kreisstadt" (German for district town)is Rupea, located in judetul Brasov, in the comic book it means simply the next bigger town, where you find the hospital, shops, post office etc. Technically seen, Brasov would have been the "real" Kreisstadt.